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Beanpop Group Member Agreement

Beanpop Group Member Agreement

The following guidelines are related to the Facebook group called Beanpop Marketplace, where much of Beanpop's activity can be monitored and members can participate in the mini-group diaper buying process.


General Conduct

Please keep posts and comments respectful and courteous. Please email if you have any customer service related questions. While healthy discussion is encouraged, we do not host debates. Any rude, dramatic or inflammatory posts or comments will not be tolerated and will be deleted. There will be absolutely NO bashing any member of Beanpop or any other WAHM group. Plain and simple, I do not want negative, hurtful, rude comments at all to be said. IF you feel the need to address a concern about a member of this group, please PM me or one of my admin team directly. Such comments or posts may result in immediate and permanent removal from the group. Part of respectful conversation is no rude language, no name calling and no dogpiling on another member, anyone outside of the group and/or any other business. Please read previous comments before commenting. Instructions given by Karen Parisot or any admin must be followed.


Please do NOT ask to reveal our sources of any event that is run in Beanpop, regardless of who the group leader is, until AFTER the event is closed.

Any fabric that is sent in, whether it is for a group event that you buy into or a SYOF (send your own fabric) order, becomes property of Beanpop. No scraps will be mailed back to you for any reason.
Please do not ask any group leader to purchase extra yardage to be sent to you for personal use.
When you purchase a SYOF spot via, your fabric must be sent in within 30 days. If your fabric is not in hand after 30 days, your order will be bumped to the next batch once and you will be contacted via email. After that, your order will be canceled and you will receive STORE CREDIT.
A picture IS required via customer service email for any SYOF order. No exceptions.


When emailing customer service please allow 48 hours for a response. If you are contacting us in regards to an order, you MUST put your order number in the subject line of the email. Failure to do so may result in exceeding our response time.

Custom Items

Custom spots are frequently available on purchasing those spots you may choose snap, cv, serging etc. colors to personalize your item. These details MUST be specified in the Comments section upon checkout at Private messages, wall posts, comments on pictures and/or all other forms of communication are unacceptable when indicating your custom choices and your end product may not reflect those requests.


Active auctions (ones with bids) may not be deleted or changed without permission from Beanpop! In the event you accidently delete your auction, you need to repost the auction the way it was originally and explain why the post was removed. Deleting auctions is in poor taste & gives a very negative perception. If you need to remove an auction, please email with an explanation of why you are requesting your auction to be removed/changed (i.e. end time extended, etc). Circumstances will be reviewed by Beanpop and you will be emailed back.

Mini Groups

Any mini group that decides it wants multiple CV options will pay an additional upcharge per color above the standard single color option. If variegated thread and/or rainbow snaps is decided upon, an additional upcharge for each the thread and snaps will be charged.

Any KNIT fabric group that needs a coordinate for clothing will have Karen's choice solid color knit used as said coordinate for no additional fabric payment. If the group desires a specific solid color to match that needs to be ordered, there may be an additional upcharge. The group also has the option to choose a coordinating fabric on their own and will pay the price per yard less $6/yard which is Karen's cost for solid knits.

Any WOVEN group that has any item in need of a coordinate MUST choose a coordinating fabric and that cost will be added into the fabric payments for each item requiring the coordinate. If the coordinate is not sent in with the main fabric, those items WILL NOT be made.

All items must be purchased on Announcements will be made on Beanpop Marketplace page regarding when the links will go live and when they expire. Reminders are posted before the links expire as well. Once the links expire, that is it. Please ensure that you pay within the time allotted. Listings will not be put back up after they expire. As stated in the group strike policy, you will not be penalized for not buying your items on upon invoicing. If you do not purchase your items, you simply lose the fabric payment.


Selling Spots

When small groups invoice you are welcome to sell any/all of your items within the item's event or within the batch album under the appropriate picture. Any wall posts for selling spots will be deleted without warning. Once you have purchased your item(s) on you must wait to receive your item before selling them on the B/S/T board. Beanpop will not change the shipping name and address once the purchase has been made.

Group Strike Policy

The following is a list of actions that can cause you to receive a strike (not all-inclusive):

  1. Trolling, slandering, mistreating, bullying, stalking, or threatening other members on the page or via PM!
  2. Having a PayPal claim filed against you for non shipment of items.
  3. Not communicating with those that you have an active transaction with, group leaders or admins 72 hours.
  4. Not paying fabric payments or altering orders once payments are called for. (see specifics below)

If you sign up for a spot, please ensure that you pay for your fabric by the date/time given by the group leader. Once a group closes and fabric totals have been calculated you may not remove items you have ordered. You may sell your spot or forfeit your fabric payment if you are unable to purchase your items at invoicing. If you order your items without first paying your fabric payment your order will be canceled and you will receive a strike.

Once you have received three (3) strikes you will be banned from Beanpop Marketplace. You will NOT be penalized for not buying your items on upon invoicing. If you do not purchase your items, you simply lose the fabric payment. By participating in Beanpop Marketplace you agree to the above rules. Some situations may also warrant immediate removal, without warning, and will be up to the Beanpop staff.


You must not ever block an admin of this group. If you have issues with the admin I encourage you to take those matters to PM and attempt to work them out as best you can. If you are unable to do so then I request you politely ignore any comments or posts that do not pertain to you. If you are discovered to have an admin blocked you will be asked to unblock and if within 24 hours you have not done so you will be removed from the group.

You must respond to a group leader's or admin's attempt to get in touch with you within a reasonable amount of time. This is regarding anything to do with Beanpop.

Removal From Beanpop

In the event you are removed from Beanpop or choose to leave on your own, all prior purchases that have been paid for through will still be made and shipped to you. In the event you signed up for groups, paid fabric, but the items have not been invoiced via, you are still able to purchase. However, it is YOUR responsibility to keep an eye on the website and pay for your items if you still want them. You will not be emailed, pm'd via facebook or contacted in any way via the information you provided when you registered with Your fabric payments will not be refunded.

Violation of any of these terms will be grounds for any member to be immediately banned and removed from the page